Fastest Routes to Mining Nodes and Validators

400-600 ms faster than any provider

The bloXroute BDN sends and delivers transactions and blocks faster.

Traders that use bloXroute to send transactions on the BDN dramatically increase the odds of being mined in the very next block.

Direct peering with validators
and miners to propagate transactions faster.

Fast Transaction Propagation

Get your transaction seen first on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon.

Submit transactions

Performance benchmark testing shows 92% of the transactions submitted are mined first. BSC Benchmark Test

Tx Broadcast

Fastest routes mining nodes/validators

Easy to connect with your current setup with or without a Node

Transaction API JSON-RPC

You can manage, automate and optimize your cryptocurrency and Defi trading activities with greater efficiency with bloXroute.

					# Python Example using the (Cloud_API)
from bloxroute_cli.provider.ws_provider import WsProvider
from bxcommon.rpc.rpc_request_type import RpcRequestType
async with WsProvider(
	uri = "wss://", 
	headers = {"Authorization": <YOUR-AUTHORIZATION-HEADER>}
) as ws:
	# ETH Example
	response = await ws.call_bx(RpcRequestType.BLXR_TX, 
	{"transaction": "f86b0184...e0b58219"})
	# BSC Example
	# response = await ws.call_bx(RpcRequestType.BLXR_TX, 
	{"transaction": "f86b0184...e0b58219", 
	"blockchain_network": "BSC-Mainnet"})
	print(response) # or process it generally

Tx Propagation speed affects profitability

Be first with bloXroute.

Unlock new trading strategies up to 600ms speed advantage.

▪You’re always among the first to be seen.

▪Reduce the number of failed transactions.

▪Enable action on more opportunities.

▪Manage market-making more efficiently.

▪ Beat the competition.

▪Adjust to changing fee congestion.

bloXroute gives you the speed advantage to see, understand, & act faster to win at crypto.

Algorithmic Trading

Minimize the duration between the time the trigger transaction was sent and the time mining pools hear your response transaction.

Trade From Multiple Regions

Our global network allows you to run bots closer to where transactions are generated, discovered, and where the pool and validators are running.

Trading Bots

Easily integrate to propagate transactions faster.

Trade with your
existing configuration

Get up and running quickly with or without an existing node.

  • Trade from one or multiple geographic regions.
  • Your own node is not required.
  • Use bloXroute cloud services without a node.

Integration Flexibility

It’s easy to add real-time mempool data monitoring into your defi project or application with two ways to connect.

 ■ Cloud-API and Gateway

 ■ Code samples in Python, Node.js, GoLang, and Wscat.