Unlocking MEV for BSC — Launching Bundle Submission on Binance Smart Chain

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We are excited to be releasing our latest product feature, BSC Bundle Submission, which will allow bloXroute users to use the Cloud-API to submit MEV bundles on Binance Smart Chain.

bloXroute users of any tier can utilize this new feature to their advantage when submitting BSC Bundles, even with the Introductory (free) tier. We expect an influx of users in the coming weeks and look forward to enhancing the product as feedback is received. If you are not currently a bloXroute user, sign up here to get access to BSC Bundles.

If you are looking to do a deep dive into the architecture, features, and code examples of BSC Bundle Submission, please refer to our Gitbook.

We highly value your feedback and encourage you to share any thoughts or suggestions with us on our Discord -bsc-mev-bundle channel and via Twitter.

Have any questions about sales or interested in learning more about the full bloXroute product suite? Contact our sales team sales@bloxroute.com.

Here is a high-level overview of the  BSC MEV Solution functionality behind the BSC Bundle Submission feature.

New MEV Infrastructure for Binance Smart Chain

At the present moment, native BSC validator geth clients do not have an easily accessible way to submit bundles. This has led to the situation where only the most sophisticated validators are modifying their geth clients to be able to support bundles, essentially increasing the centralization risk. To fill this void, bloXroute has spent significant time and resources working hand in hand with BNB validators to launch a new open-source MEV solution that permissionlessly allows any integrated validator to receive blocks that contain MEV bundles. 

  • BSC MEV searchers can submit their bundles directly to bloXroute’s MEV Relay, which builds blocks optimized for maximum validator’s staking rewards. 
  • Validators connected to the MEV Relay can choose to request these blocks and are economically incentivized to propose the blocks with the highest reward. 
  • Searchers also include gas fee payments in their bundles to further incentivize validators to include their bundles in the next block.

bloXroute has been working closely with the BNB foundation to ensure that this initiative is aligned with the guiding principles of the BNB foundation in regards to MEV and user protection.

bloXroute is not a BNB validator and as such, has taken significant steps to guarantee this open-source MEV solution is 100% transparent and fosters equal participation among all BNB Chain validators, regardless of the size of their stake.

By making it easier for current and prospective validators to support bundles, bloXroute remains committed to its neutral stance, ensuring all validators remain competitive. This, in turn, promotes a healthy landscape for validators and fortifies a more decentralized BNB Chain.


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