PancakeSwap and bloXroute Announce User Front-running Protection Partnership

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PancakeSwap, the leading decentralized exchange in the Binance Chain ecosystem, has entered into a partnership with bloXroute Lab to shield users from malicious frontrunning attacks and provide free access to industry-leading inclusion rates to elevate DeFi trading experience for all PancakeSwap users decided to opt in. PancakeSwap will integrate bloXroute’s Protect RPCs into its products so users can easily send private transactions to avoid being frontrunning or sandwich attack victims.

All that is required to receive the full benefits of this partnership is to enable the RPCs on the user’s crypto wallet of choice via a couple of button clicks.

What is MEV? What is a sandwich attack?

Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) is the revenue that high-frequency DeFi trading bots can generate through including, excluding, and reordering transactions. When users submit transactions, they are usually routed through the public mempool, where anyone can see them before they are executed on chain, making them vulnerable to being front-run. In a sandwich attack, a high-frequency MEV bot sees a swap transaction pending in the public mempool. Then they insert a transaction right before it to buy the asset in front of the user, and then they immediately sell the asset right after the user purchases the asset at a higher price.

MEV bots are constantly scanning the mempool, looking for users that submit transactions that provide MEV opportunities. However, transactions that bypass the public mempool cannot be frontrun since they are not publicly known about until after the transaction is executed.

“PancakeSwap is pleased to work with a leading industry partner bloXroute, to protect our users from MEV activities such as front-running and sandwich attacks. This collaboration aims to maximize the value our users receive.”

Chef Mochi
Head Chef of PancakeSwap

How do bloXroute & Pancake Swap Protect RPCs benefit users?

bloXroute Protect RPCs enable users to send private transactions by routing them directly to block builders on Ethereum and BNB Chain. These transactions never touch the public mempool and cannot be sandwich attacked. Previously MEV Protect RPCs on BNB Chain offered up to an 85% protection rate from MEV bots, but the most recently updated version is the first in the industry to offer fast, high coverage and a nearly perfect protection rate for BNB Chain retail DEX users.

What is an inclusion rate?

bloXroute Protect RPCs offer the industry leading inclusion rate for DeFi trading on BNB Chain. An inclusion rate shows you how many blocks it takes for your transaction to be put on chain after it was submitted. bloXroute submits transactions to the top trusted block builders meaning that there is never a long wait for transactions to be executed. PancakeSwap users will be able to receive an inclusion rate of ~1.2 blocks, roughly 82% of the time. Users can, on average, expect their transactions to be put on chain in the next block.

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