Even-Faster Mempool Data with MEVlink Acquisition

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bloXroute is pleased to announce that MEVlink, a crypto infrastructure startup with a specialty in fast mempool data streaming, will now become a core part of the bloXroute service offering through a strategic acquisition. The acquisition of MEVlink will ensure that bloXroute users continue to receive the best and fastest mempool data streams for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain in the industry. 

Beyond enhancing the tech stack behind the BDN (Blockchain Distribution Network), this acquisition broadens bloXroute’s expertise by welcoming MEVlink’s esteemed Co-Founders into the engineering teams. The infusion of MEVlink’s expertise and codebase into bloXroute’s product suite is aimed at ensuring that bloXroute remains a leading driver of cutting-edge networking solutions in DeFi. 

With an unparalleled reputation built up over the past 5 years of being a service provider for high-frequency DeFi algo traders, MEV searchers, and market makers, bloXroute has further strengthened its position as a leader in ultra-low latency transaction propagation solutions and real-time mempool data streams with the acquisition of MEVlink. The speed of the BDN technology has leaped even further with this new acquisition, emphasizing bloXroute’s dedication to furnishing users with unmatched performance.

Our mission at bloXroute is to create a stable and interconnected blockchain ecosystem that benefits all market actors. As bloXroute continues its journey of technological breakthroughs and growth in the MEV and high-frequency DeFi trading space, we invite other projects and organizations to explore new partnerships and integrations.


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