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bloXroute Partners with DLN to Open New Opportunities for Cross-Chain DeFi Traders

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bloXroute has entered into a strategic partnership with the deSwap Liquidity Network (DLN) to provide MEV searchers, institutional DeFi traders, and projects – with fast, secure, and reliable cross-chain trading.

At its core, DLN solves the challenges of traditional bridges that include speed, capital efficiency, guaranteed rates, and, increasingly important to institutional DeFi traders, fixed counterparty verification:

Speed: The DLN matches trades off chain, while settling them on-chain through a network of liquidity providers (takers) who fulfill the trade on the destination chain. There is no need to wait for blockchains to reach finality for transaction execution.

Guaranteed Rates: Liquidity is provided on demand and settled directly with counterparties, rather than sitting idle in a pool, waiting to get exploited. This 0-TVL design of the DLN enables zero slippage on any size for native token market and limit orders.

Counterparty Feature: With the DLN counterparty feature, institutional trading firms will be able to know and select the counterparties to trade with.

This partnership leverages bloXroute’s industry-leading DeFi acceleration infrastructure to amplify DLN’s speed and capital efficiency. DeFi traders, market-makers and DeFi projects will be rewarded with more opportunities, flexibility, and fire power to win in cross-chain trading as users and partners of the bloXroute-DLN network. 

"Cross chain trading has always been a challenge for DeFi traders. bloXroute helped traders solve the speed and latency challenges within each network and now with the new partnership and product with DLN we are solving the cross chain challenges for our users."

bloXroute is onboarding to the bloXroute-DLN network reputable DeFi market-makers and trading firms as bloXroute-Verified partners. Users of the network gain clarity of trading counterparties and are provided with the option to select who to trade with, a feature welcomed by institutions with compliance requirements.

MEV searchers and institutional DeFi traders are being invited to the network right now for early access to faster cross-chain trading, an upcoming limited time promotion and SDK tools.

Get in touch today if you are interested in early access.


For partnership opportunities, please contact:

Curtis Plot Mak

Chief Business Officer


Brent Sitterle

Inside Sales Manager