bloXroute Teams up with Kudasai to Enter the Japanese Market

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Japan’s largest crypto community, Kudasai, and bloXroute Labs, a low latency DeFi infrastructure provider, have partnered together to educate users about secure and efficient DeFi practices. This partnership will help bloXroute expand and get a stronger foothold in the APAC region by establishing connections with algo and bot traders, market makers, validators, and other DeFi/MEV actors in Japan.

bloXroute is best known for its industry-leading Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN), an ultra-low latency solution specializing in receiving and propagating blockchain data at near the speed of light to scale the Peer-to-Peer network. DeFi algorithmic traders, market-makers, MEV searchers, and various Web3 projects stand to gain an edge from unparalleled speed and performance. With Kudasai's dedication to blockchain user education, event coordination, and content delivery, they are poised to be pivotal in bloXroute's market growth in Japan and the broader APAC region.

In celebration of this partnership, the two companies are teaming up to release the Kudasai x bloXroute MEV Protect RPCs for Japanese DeFi retail traders. This one-click integration for Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain will ensure that users are able to send private transactions with ease. This advanced security level will help prevent users from being victims of frontrunning and sandwich attacks. 

bloXroute is excited to collaborate closely with Kudasai on educating the Japanese community about secure DeFi trading techniques while forging enduring partnerships with Japanese blockchain market actors and DeFi projects.

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