Blockdaemon integrates bloXroute’s BDN Enhancing Blockchain Performance

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Blockdaemon, a top-tier blockchain staking and node infrastructure company, announced a joint partnership with bloXroute Labs on April 3rd, 2023, to add mempool analytics to its industry-leading API Suite. bloXroute’s main goal is to propagate and receive blocks from the Ethereum blockchain system with ultra-low latency and high capacity.

The integration of bloXroute’s Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN) access into Blockdaemon’s API provides users with real-time updates about transaction statuses while optimizing confirmation times and enhancing network efficiency. bloXroute’s mempool service executes trades faster than any other mempool service provider. Institutional investors can now make better-informed decisions with the BDN’s fast propagation capabilities.

“Blockdaemon’s primary focus is lowering the barrier for connecting institutions to Web3. Supercharging Blockdaemon’s API with bloXroute’s BDN, institutional customers now have increased analytics and visibility, allowing them to make more informed decisions on DeFi and Web3,” said Konstantin Richter, Blockdaemon founder & CEO. “Institutional clients can take advantage of mempool analytics, dynamic fee adjustments, and enhanced gas fee estimation via our API Suite.”

"We're excited to work with Blockdaemon to help them deliver even more value to their customers," said Uri Klarman, CEO and Co-Founder of bloXroute Labs. "Our platform provides a powerful suite of tools that can help developers gain insight and visibility into the mempool across various blockchains. By partnering with Blockdaemon, we can bring these benefits to even more users."

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