bloXroute Labs Products

Mempool Data

50-200 ms faster than any mempool service

Be first with bloXroute.

Protect your trading profits

A delay of 200ms reduces the likelihood that you see transactions that will be mined into the very next block.

Mempool service speed
affects profitability

Block Streaming

Up to 1,000 ms faster than the p2p network

Unlock new trading strategies

Get blocks to your trading bot or node, faster than any other provider.

Transaction Propagation

400-600 ms faster than any provider

The bloXroute BDN sends and delivers transactions and blocks faster.

Traders that use bloXroute to send transactions on the BDN dramatically increase the odds of being mined in the very next block.

Direct peering with validators and miners to propagate transactions faster.

Frontrunning Protection

Private Transaction Routing

Frontrunning bots are waiting for your next transaction

Protected Transactions

bloXroute connects you directly with mining nodes to securely hand off your transactions to protect from frontrunning.

Flashbots MEV Relays

Increase successful Flashbots bundles

Submit the bundle to the Cloud-API, which validates, merges and forwards the bundle to mining pools

Additional MEV services include Bundle Simulation, Multiple Relays, BackRunMe, and more.

bloXroute and flashbots are not mutually exclusive - many flashbots bundles are sent through bloXroute.

Unlimited usage with Elite or pay per submission with other plans.


					# Request Example Bundle Submission - Enterprise Elite plan

curl \
    --insecure \
    -X POST \
    -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
    -H "Authorization: <YOUR-AUTHORIZATION-HEADER>" \
    -d '{"method": "blxr_submit_bundle", 
         "id": "1", 
         "params": {
            "transaction": ["ab..ab", "*", "*", ""],
            "block_number": "0xba10d0",
            "min_timestamp": 1616511391,
            "max_timestamp": 1617806320,
            "reverting_hashes": ["0xd8..ce", "0x50..d3"]
					# Response Example
    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "id": "1",
    "result": {
        "bundleHash": "0x19..d0"

bloXroute documentation

Low Latency

bloXroute was consistently first to detect new transactions 228 times out of 235 transactions.

Algorithmic Trading

Minimize time between the trigger transaction and your response received by mining pools.

Trade in Multiple Regions

Run bots globally, closer to transactions as their generated, discovered, and where the pool and validators are running.

  • Transaction Protection
  • BackRunMe Sushi Uniswap
  • BDN Explorer
  • TX Trace

Integration Flexibility

It’s easy to add real-time mempool data monitoring into your defi project or application with two ways to connect.