Validator Gateway

Unlock Higher APYs and Increased Validator Effectiveness

Get Higher APYs

Boost consensus and execution layer rewards to increase your APYs 

Improve Validator Effectiveness

Increase your validator effectiveness to earn more, per validator, per month

Custom Timing Parameters

Put yourself in the driver seat to maximize validator rewards in the timing game

Easy to Set Up

Seamless integration with MEV-Boost, takes only 10 mins to get the Relay-Proxy running

Superior Node Synchronization

Always in-sync with fast block propagation through bloXroute’s BDN

Significant Improvements Regardless of Your Current Setup

Ultra low-latency connection to relays + continuous header streaming + more efficient block proposal process = higher rewards
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Understand and Win the Ethereum Validator Rewards Game: Unlock Higher APYs and Increased Efficiency with the bloXroute Validator Gateway

Feb 12, 2024

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Validator Gateway Pricing

Number of PubKeysPrice per PubKey (in ETH)
6 months12 months
1 - 1,000Ξ0.006Ξ0.01
1,000+Contact bloXroute at

Getting Started

To get started with implementing the Validator Gateway, sign up for a bloXroute account and then scroll down to the “Add-ons” section of the plans page.

Select the number of Public Keys and months you’re interested in purchasing the Validator Gateway add-on for, as shown below. 

After purchasing the add-on, simply complete this form and our team will guide you through each step, making the process seamless and straightforward. Please feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.


  • Depending on how many validators you have, choose the number of Public Keys you’ll need to accommodate your operations. For each validator you connect to the Validator Gateway, you’ll need an associated Public Key for access. The cost of Public Keys decreases as the number of validators increases, offering discounted rates for larger validator pools.

  • Example rates

    • Ex. 1) If your operations have 1,500 validators and you’re interested in 12 months of service, you can purchase 1,500 Public Keys at a price of 0.00458 ETH each, totaling to 12.495 ETH or $34,696. 

    • Ex. 2) If your operations have 50,000 validators and you’re interested in 6 months of service, you can purchase 50,000 Public Keys at a price of 0.00291 ETH each, totaling to 145.5 ETH or $411,076. 

  • Lighthouse, Prysm, Nimbus, and Teku. 
  • The use of a gRPC connection in the Relay-Proxy significantly reduces latency and provides robust support even in lower performance regions.
  • Access to the BDN offers validators an effectiveness rating boost by keeping them in sync with the world’s fastest global block propagation network.
  • Custom sleep and max_sleep parameters allow validators to fine-tune the timing of their operations, as detailed here.
  • A major concern in the validator community is that timing games can force colocation with major relays, requiring close proximity for optimal performance, resulting in centralization. 

  • The Validator Gateway is designed to not require colocation and actually promotes decentralization by making lower performing regions viable through the ultra-low latency gRPC connection to the Relay-Proxy for validator nodes located anywhere.

  • With the adjustable sleep parameters, the timing delay is entirely in your control, we simply provide the tools for you to be able to modify it as you see best fit for your validator operations. 

  • We are working closely with the Lido team to determine the best path forward for Lido validators interested in implementing the Validator Gateway.
  • If you are a Node Operator who utilizes the Lido protocol, please express your interest in the Validator Gateway in this forum.