Get Protected

Setup Private Transactions

Use MetaMask to Conduct Transactions
Add the bloXroute network automatically, click “Add Network” or use the Manual Instructions.

When conducting transactions on Ethereum select “bloXroute ETH” for private routing.

■ Connecting an application to bloXroute

Review our API documentation.

Our service fee of 15% of the gas price.
Current Credit: $20.00
►[Connect to CoinBase Payment]
►Model after current dashboard payment.

Private Transaction Protection

An army of sharks is waiting to take a bite of your transaction.

Protection from Frontrunning sharks for 15% of the gas fee price.

bloXroute privately routes transactions without making the details public until after they are fully mined.

bloXroute is a Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN)

A global content distribution network of high performance servers for blockchain scalability. It’s accessible through bloXroute gateway and APIs.

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