What We’re Looking For

bloXroute (blocks’ route) run on crypto’s network infrastructure, and we’re looking for a superstar Product Manager to help bridge between our Engineering team and our customers, identify market opportunities, drive product strategy, and build partnerships with other crypto projects.

About bloXroute

Just like the “Flash Boys”, who made billions by connecting Chicago and NYC to be slightly faster than any other trader, bloXroute allows DeFi (Decentralized Finance) traders to make better trades by being better connected. The key difference? In the decentralized world of DeFi you need to be connected to everyone.



As a Product Manager, you will:

  • Understand the ever-changing crypto market and identify opportunities
  • Understanding customers’ needs and pain-points
  • Build partnerships with other projects
  • Drive product strategy
  • Work closely to align goals of the Engineering team, Business team, and management.

Bottom line – your job is to be a focal point for our product, our customers, and the ecosystem, and to explore driving our product in new ways we haven’t thought of.



  • 3+ yrs of experience in tech product management
  • Proven experience in crypto / DeFi
  • Capable of analyzing data to gain business insight
  • Experience presenting tech solutions to customers
  • Proven experience balancing business needs and technical needs
  • Creative, independent, and hardworking

Bonus Qualifications

  • Marketing experience
  • Proven traction with crypto communities, Crypto Twitter, etc