bloXroute was founded by blockchain and networking experts at Cornell and Northwestern University with one goal in mind – to solve the “scalability problem” for all blockchains.

bloXroute is looking for an infrastructure engineer passionate about cloud automation, monitoring, and helping speed up development by building out automation tools.

You'll work alongside some of the best engineers in the space using the latest technologies including terraform, docker, and AWS.

Junior candidates with demonstrated hunger and aptitude welcome to apply to grow under the mentorship of very experienced infrastructure engineers. If you've tinkered with docker but haven't run it in production, come learn with us! No blockchain experience is necessary, but you'll learn a ton about blockchains working with us.

What We're Looking For:

  • Experience with at least one cloud environment, ideally AWS Familiarity with docker and docker-compose.
  • Familiarity with terraform or cloudformation (we use terraform)
  • Comfort with at least one scripting language (bash, python, ruby) and Linux
  • Creative, independent, hardworking person.
  • Team player with great interpersonal communication skills.


What You'll Do

  • Design tools and automation scripts around provisioning and testing of large compute networks
  • Help build a self-healing production network
  • Work with blockchain engineers to build out local dev and cloud environments for various blockchains
  • Build out dashboards and alerting systems in monitoring solutions like Datadog
  • Scale out to a multi-cloud environment