Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is bloXroute?

    bloXrouteis a scalability solution which allows all cryptocurrencies and blockchains to scale to thousands of transactions per second (TPS) on-chain, without changing their protocol.

    bloXroute resolves the scalability bottleneck, namely, the long time required for all nodes to synchronize when handling large volumes of TPS, and it does so in a provably neutral manner.

  • You make claims about what you can do to scale cryptocurrencies, why should we believe you?

    bloXroute was developed based on the latest research at Cornell and at Northwestern University, by researchers who place their trust in proofs, not in beliefs.

    This is why our first milestone, prior to any wide-spread usage, is to show a working large scale crypto network handling record-breaking TPS.

  • Can bloXroute help improve Ethereum scalability?

    Yes, Ethereum will see an immediate increase in its scalability, processing more transactions per second. The swift node-synchronization will produce less forks for Ethereum, lengthening the blockchain faster while keeping it “thinner” (i.e., with more blocks and less uncle-blocks).

  • Do blockchains have to change their protocol to use bloXroute?

    bloXroute operates below the blockchain application, resolving the node-synchronization bottleneck without requiring any protocol change. The decision how to adjust each protocol to best maximize this potential for their users is left for their respective crypto communities, developers, and miners.

  • What does provably neutral actually mean?

    Provably neutral means bloXroute can only fairly propagate all blocks to all nodes, that it cannot prevent any node from sending nor receiving blocks via bloXroute, and that it cannot provide a preferable service to some nodes or miners while discriminating others.

  • Which cryptocurrencies do you plan to work with?

    Every single one of them. Our goal is to enable every blockchain to become as useful and valuable as it possibly can.

  • What is different from previous relay networks like Falcon and Fibre?

    Previous relay networks were useful to some extent, but they suffer from two major flaws.

    First, the relay networks have the power to censor wallets, blocks, miners and nodes, and to provide preferable or discriminatory service to different nodes.

    Second, the relay networks capture only a small fraction of the performance potential – while bloXroute outperform them by x100-1000.

  • Sounds interesting, but why isn’t it all open-sourced from day one?

    bloXroute is designed to be completely open-sourced, however some parts of the system must reach maturity prior to being opened-sourced. We will never suggest nodes to run Black Box code, but the code components we run on our own infrastructure is likely to require at least 12 months to reach such maturity.

  • Where can I learn more?

    The best ways to learn more about bloXroute is to read our blog and white paper, ask questions on our forums, and subscribing to our mailing list.

Business model

  • How are you funded?

    We are currently privately funded by Metastable, Flybridge, 1confirmation, and a group of cryptocurrency veterans. We hope to distribute the ownership of bloXroute to the general public in the future, to completely align the economic incentives of the entire crypto-space.

  • What is the BLXR token?

    BLXR is a first-of-its-kind index token that gives holders all of the fees associated with the different cryptocurrencies that implement and benefit from the Bloxroute BDN. We believe that the BLXR security token gives the project a business model and nicely aligns incentives for a broad base of network participants.

  • Are you doing a token sale?

    In focusing on improving the scalability for all blockchains, we also hope to give ownership of the technology to a broad base of people from around the world via a token sale. We will only do this after more progress is made in proving out the technology though, and that is our focus currently.

More Coming Soon

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