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bloXroute’s goal is to enable cryptocurrencies and blockchain systems to scale to thousands of on-chain transactions per second. bloXroute provides that scalability to numerous cryptocurrencies and blockchains simultaneously by utilizing a global high performance Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN). This document outlines the key components and features of the bloXroute solution. 

The core of the bloXroute system is a high-capacity, low-latency global network of servers (called Relays) optimized to quickly propagate transactions and blocks for multiple blockchain systems. A blockchain node accesses the Relay network via the bloXroute open-source Gateway software which enables interoperability, i.e., mapping between native blockchain messages and bloXroute protocol messages, and vice versa.

We first present a high-level overview of the bloXroute architecture. Then, we explain the key elements that enable high network performance and scaling, followed by “a deeper dive” into the Blockchain Distribution Network components. Next, we provide a set of practical installation and deployment procedures. Finally, we provide an overview of the BLXR protocol that powers communication between Gateways and the Blockchain Distribution Network. In the rest of the document, we use the terms “BDN” and “Relay network” interchangeably.