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To enable full connectivity with the bloXroute Gateway, certain ports are required to be open on your machine. By default, these ports are:

Port Direction Description
TCP – 1801 Inbound and Outbound Used for communication between Gateways
TCP – 1809 Outbound Used for communication with Block Relays
TCP – 1810 Outbound Used for communication with Transaction Relays
HTTPS – 443 Outbound Used for communication with the SDN (Control Plane)
TCP – 28332 Inbound Used for RPC communication to the gateway.
Open it only if needed, and make sure –rpc-user and –rpc-password
arguments are passed to the Gateway
TCP – 28333 Inbound Used for Websocket communication to and from the gateway.
Used by the Transaction Streaming

Please note that if you used the --external-port flag to configure a port different from the default, you should replace 1801 in the list above with the port you have specified.