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Required Gateway Arguments

The following parameters are required for Gateway operation. Each argument is prefixed with two dashes. Parameters are indicated by chevrons, e.g., “< parameter >”, and defaults are noted, when available.

Parameter Description Example
blockchain-protocol Blockchain protocol of the blockchain node. Ethereum
blockchain-network Blockchain network of the Blockchain node the Gateway will connect to. Unless otherwise instructed by bloXroute, this should be ‘Mainnet’. Mainnet
node-public-key (Ethereum only) Node ID of your ethereum node. You can retrieve your node ID using the ethereum rpc command admin.nodeInfo. 50ff319…b35b76

Optional Gateway Arguments

Below is a list of optional command line arguments accepted by the bloXroute Gateway. Each argument is prefixed with two dashes and is followed by a parameter, if any. For example,

Parameter Description Default Example
blockchain-ip IP address of the blockchain node. Default is
blockchain-port Port location of the blockchain node. Bitcoin Cash: 8333 Ethereum: 30303 30303
external-ip Public IP address of the Gateway. Please specify your IP address using external-ip if the gateway cannot access the url “http://checkip.dyndns.org/” to automatically detect its IP address. N/A
external-port External port is the port on which the gateway can receive external connections from other gateways in the network. 9001 9001
continent Continent where the Gateway is running. Valid continent values are NA (North America), SA (South and Central America), EU (Europe), OC (Oceania), AS (Asia), AF (Africa), AN (Antarctica). N/A AS
country The country of the Gateway. N/A China
hostname Hostname the Gateway is running on. If not specified, the Gateway will query the operating system for hostname machine hostname gateway.hostname.com
log-format Format of the log output. May be set to JSON or PLAIN PLAIN JSON
log-level Set log level of the Gateway. Possible values: TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, FATAL, STATS, OFF. Default is INFO INFO DEBUG
sdn-url bloXroute Control Plane to connect to. The URL for the bloXroute mainnet is: blxrbdn.com blxrbdn.com blxrbdn.com
transaction-pool-memory-limit Maximum size of transactions to keep in memory pool (MB) N/A 50000
use-extensions If true than the Gateway will use C++ extension model for some tasks like block compression/block decompression. True False
thread-pool-parallelism-degree The number of threads to use when running task on a concurrent thread pool when the extension module is active. The default is determined as the number of CPUs minus 1. [Number of CPUs] – 1 4
tx-mem-pool-bucket-size In order to efficiently iterate the mempool concurrently, the Gateway splits into buckets. This parameter sets the size of each bucket of the transaction mempool. 10000 10000
peer-gateways Optional gateway peer ip/ports that Gateway should always be connected to. Should be in the format ip1:port1,ip2:port2,… N/A,
min-peer-gateways Minimum number of peer gateways, when connection number falls below this number, the Gateway contacts Control Plane for additional peers. 1 2
require-blockchain-connection When true, the Gateway will exit if the connection to the blockchain node is down for more than 30 minutes. False True

Bitcoin-specific Arguments

Parameter Description Default Example
blockchain-version Blockchain protocol version is provided to the blockchain node to indicate functionality the gateway supports as a peer 70015 70015
blockchain-nonce Blockchain nonce is a number that is used during the Gateway handshake with a bitcoin node. If none provided, a random number is used. random number 982345907

Ethereum Specific Arguments

Parameter Description Default Example
node-public-key Node ID of your ethereum node. You can retrieve your node ID using the ethereum rpc command admin.nodeInfo. N/A 50ff319…b35b76
private-key Private key for encrypted communication with Ethereum node. This argument is optional, and the Gateway will generate a random private key if one is not provided. N/A 294549…97dfba3
network-id Ethereum network id. This argument is optional and the Control Plane will provide a default based on the network provided. 1 1
genesis-hash Genesis block hash of Ethereum network. Optional, a default is provided. d4e56740f…cb8fa3 d4e56740f…cb8fa3

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