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Gateway Monitoring

The easiest way to monitor the status of the Gateway and make sure it is working as expected is by examining the Gateway status log file. If you are executing the bloXroute Gateway from a Docker container, you will need to volume mount the status log to the host machine. The Gateway status log can also be viewed from the bloXroute-cli.
For pip install, the Gateway status log is located at /bloxroute/gateway_status.log.
For Docker container, the file can be found inside the container under /home/bxgateway/bloxroute/gateway_status.log
The Gateway status file contains important information that can be used to verify status and troubleshooting. The most important section is the Summary section. The Summary section contains current information about connections and accounts.

Sections Description
gateway_status Status of the Gateway, online or offline
account_info Type of account associated, if any, with the Gateway, and whether it is using the limited free daily quota
block_relay_connection_state Status of the connection to the Block Relay: established or closed
transaction_relay_connection_state Status of the connection to the Transaction Relay: established or closed
blockchain_node_connection_state Status of the connection to the blockchain node: established or closed
remote_blockchain_node_connection_state Status of the connection to the remote blockchain node: established or closed
ip_address Ip address of the Gateway, as resolved by the self resolving mechanism or specified by the –external-ip parameter
continent Continent in which the ip geolocation system places the ip address
country Country in which the ip geolocation system places the ip address
update_required Whether or not there is a newer version of the Gateway available for download and installation
quota_level Percentage of the transaction quota already consumed

The file shows the same information that can be obtained from calling

$ bloxroute-cli gateway_status DETAILED

but with the advantage of being able to search:

"summary": {
"gateway_status": "Online",
"account_info": "This gateway is not registered to any account and is limited to the daily free quota",
"block_relay_connection_state": "Established",
"transaction_relay_connection_state": "Established",
"blockchain_node_connection_state": "Established",
"remote_blockchain_node_connection_state": "Established",
"ip_address": "XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX",
"continent": "AS",
"country": "China",
"update_required": false
"Quota_level": null
"analysis": {
"time_started": "UTC 2020-02-07 23:05:41.227102",
"startup_parameters": "--use-extensions False --blockchain-protocol Ethereum --node-public-key 288b97262895b1c7ec61cf314c2e2004407d0a5dc77566877aad1f2a36659c8b698f4b56fd06c4a0c0bf007b4cfb3e7122d907da3b005fa90e724441902eb19e --blockchain-ip YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY --external-ip XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX”,