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Docker Installation


docker pull bloxroute/bxgateway


docker run --publish 1801:1801 --publish 28332:28332 --publish 28333:28333
bloxroute/bxgateway --blockchain-protocol [blockchain-protocol] --blockchain-network [blockchain-network] --blockchain-ip [blockchain node’s ip] --blockchain-port [blockchain node’s port] --node-public-key=”[geth’s public key]” --external-ip=[the gateway server public ip]

For more information on the startup arguments, see Startup Arguments.

To run more than one docker Gateway on the same machine, each docker should have different values for the following three parameters (default values are available here) at startup:

--external-port, --rpc-port, --ws-port 

and change the port publishing in the docker run command.

For more help, follow along with our step-by-step video tutorial.