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Relays form the backbone of the bloXroute BDN. Gateways connect to Relays to receive notifications of new transactions and blocks faster. bloXroute Relays are located around the globe at points optimized to provide faster propagation of transactions and blocks between Gateways. 

In order to provide improved block propagation, bloXroute uses a split Relay design. In the split Relay design, the BDN includes two types of Relays, Transaction Relays and Block Relays. As the names suggest, Transaction Relays propagate transactions and Block Relays propagate blocks. The split Relay design ensures that transactions do not interfere with the propagation of blocks, and vice versa.

When registering with the Control Plane, the Gateway receives the IP and port for a pair of Relays. The Gateway opens a socket connection with both the Block Relay and the Transaction Relay.