Yael Bar Avraham
Software Engineer

Software engineer with an MS in Molecular Biology from Technion – Israel Institute of technology.

Easy Setup

10 Minutes or less. The process is just like adding another peer and we are always here to support you one-on-one.

Faster Propagation

High-capacity, low-latency, global blockchain distribution network, optimized to see the latest blocks faster.

Network Resilience

Benefit from additional P2P paths through our high availability network infrastructure.

Free Enterprise Trial

BSC Validators enjoy a free month of premium service. We value your feedback as we constantly work to improve our performance and value.

Three easy steps

connect to bloXroute

Provide information so that we can setup your account.

Add the gateway as a trusted peer to the sentry node.

Once you’ve added the trusted peer we'll verify and activate.

Step 1

Setup Your bloXroute account

What's involved technically?

Setting up service is like connecting to a node. It’s non-invasive and takes about 5 minutes. You can review Step 2 to understand what’s required. We also believe in transparency and have chosen to make the majority of our code open source.

Will I be Charged Anything?

You wont be charged anything during your 1 month free trial and you will only be billed if you choose to continue after the trial period. View pricing.

How to find my Public Key

add help info here

What IP address do I provide.

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We have a dedicated team that’s highly available and well versed in BSC. They work regularly with node validators.  

Step 2

Add the gateway as a trusted peer to the sentry node.

After you submit your contact information you will receive the “enode” Hosted Gateway Information from bloXroute.

You will then add the "enode" public key to the gateway as a trusted peer to the sentry node.

You will use the command "admin.addTrustedPeer" (This doesn’t require IP and port information).


Step 3

If you have not yet completed step one to setup your bloXroute account click here.

Inform us that you've completed setup.

You can also reach out on Discord using the dedicated group created by bloXroute.

Notify bloXroute that you've completed setup using this form.

bloXroute is a Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN)

A global network of servers optimized for blockchain network performance. Nodes access this network through open source Gateways and anyone can access it through the bloXroute public-API.

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No Protocol Changes

By solving the scalability problem at the networking layer, bloXroute is complementary to the native consensus protocol used by the blockchain. This means bloXroute can be used immediately, and is compatible with any blockchain.

Provably Neutral

bloXroute utilizes transaction-based neutrality. By design, it cannot stop nodes, wallets, users, transactions, or blocks from using the BDN. bloXroute does this by ensuring all nodes are kept in sync on new transactions.

Gradual Deployment

bloXroute can be gradually adopted by nodes wishing to send and receive blocks at a faster rate. It is not necessary for all the nodes, or even the majority of the nodes, to use bloXroute to increase the overall network speed for everyone.

Blockchains and Web3 infrastructure providers we currently support.


bloXroute Investors

Your dedicated team is here to help.

If you have not yet completed step one to setup your free bloXroute account click here.

No Protocol Changes

Provably Neutral

Gradual Deployment